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Some extra information.

Manage everything in one place with a payroll system connected with HR, to better assist with benefits, time-tracking, compliance, and more.

What our clients say about us

  • person Onsite General Manager It is truly a pleasure to work with you and your entire team. While we are typically able to access all of the information we need online, it is really nice to know your staff is always available to assist us. When we began working with you, I was told we would have access 24/7/365. Having been disappointed by other agencies promising this level of service, my expectations were not set very high. However, just as you had promised, it was extremely impressive to receive such robust, flawless and easily accessible information coupled with outstanding customer service. star
  • person Board Member I have to tell you that, among other things, Time Tracker was the main attraction (for me) to CID Consortium LLC. I was very surprised to hear our current mgr did not keep a log of when members called and what they called about (and what they were told by the mgr - very important) and report that to the board (of course I did not know to ask this question when we interviewed them). I think that is a VERY important thing for directors to know, keeps them more in touch with the community. star
  • person Board Member We are very pleased with their time tracker system. It shows the board each month exactly what has been done and how much time has been used in managing our association. The entire board and I also find their online accounting financial system a real asset to our association and very user-friendly. We can know at any time the exact status of our financials. star

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