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At CIDC, our team works directly with you. Achieve operational excellence, financial strength, and organizational health with one (or more) of our many services.

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Our Services

Services with a Personal Touch

We believe in building relationships by doing our business transparently and keeping our clients informed. Before sending a proposal, we’ll take the time to uncover what success looks like for your community. Once we’re aligned, we’ll propose a combination of Governance, Finance, and Organizational services specific to your unique needs.

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Governance & Operations

From one-time community management coaching to full-service management, our team is ready to help.

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Internal bookkeeping, past due members, and accounts payable? Taxes? Don’t worry, we’ve got it.

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Organizational Health

Confront and cure organizational health issues for good with strategic planning facilitated by our award-winning team.

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For big and small needs, we have a long history of happy communities.


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Let us get to know you and how we could better your community living experience.