The backbone of any thriving community is its financial health. Remain in good standing 365 days a year with our help.

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Drill Down Capability

Focus on the big picture without losing sight of the details. Online financials allow you to drill down from the financial report to the attachments supporting each transaction.

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Financial Expertise

Our team includes Certified Public Accountants, subject matter experts, and member service enthusiasts. We are passionate about elevating you to a new level of community living experience.

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Human Resources Services

Teams of all sizes can benefit from support. From part time to full time, we can assist with all the behind-the-scenes necessary to keep your community running smoothly. Choose between three different packages to find the best combination for your team.


Explore the possibilities

For clients with more complex needs, we provide an array of services that can be added to our agreement.

Plays well with others

Our financial services support communities managed by one of our regional partners, onsite management professionals, volunteer boards, and our own accredited management team.


CIDC brings transparency to a new level with its drill down capability to see the details behind the financial reports 24/7/356.

Assessments Collection

Billing to foreclosure, there will be no need for a bank lockbox or separate collection service.

Small Claims Collection

Some communities are ideal candidates for the accountability that our small claims collections techniques deliver. CIDC has collected over $1,000,000 in past due accounts using this method while saving communities time and overall member collection costs.

Ownership Transactions

Your CIDC team will handle all documents pertaining to ownership transfers and refinance transactions.

Accounts Payable

Flexible depending on your existing services, your CIDC team will record and disburse all routine payables, ensure any necessary transfers, print rights, and approved protocols are adhered to.


Get a handle on your expenses and gross income. Your budget will allow you to pay for community improvement projects and identify opportunities for future improvements.

Special Assessments

No one likes a special assessment. We work with you to take the pain out of it.

Renovation Project Accounting

Our accounting expertise is available to help with renovation projects from planning to completion.

More Services

Organizational Health

Organizational health is achievable for all communities, big and small.

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Governance & Operations

A happy community starts from the top. Personalized services can meet any community’s desired outcomes.

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