Organizational Health

At CIDC, we want to keep your community existing in harmony. Organizational health is achievable for all communities, big and small.

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Create Clarity

Too often communities lose sight of their purpose to protect and enhance property values. We facilitate the process of establishing clarity around the community’s purpose to serve as a foundation for the board actions going forward.

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Board Training

All board members serving our communities are volunteers with a wide variety of backgrounds. We embrace all of them with opportunities to learn more about the governance structure, physical maintenance, and financial performance of the communities they serve.

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Conflict Resolution

Every court battle has a winning and a losing side. Our team is here to facilitate communication among all parties and promote clarity about the agreed upon standards of community living. By identifying and responding to talk patterns of people in crisis we work to promote healthy dialogue and reduce the risk of their fate being decided by the legal system. A win for all parties involved.

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Toss the calculator. With over 45 years of experience, the CIDC team knows all the finance ins and outs.

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Governance & Operations

A happy community starts from the top. Personalized services can meet any communities desired outcomes.

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