Payroll and HR services.

Payroll and HR services.


Time sheets and task tracking to optimize productivity. Processing of all payroll functions including itemized deductions, garnishments and tax forms.

Human Resources

Professional HR services that help keep the association in compliance. Consulting made easy.

Health Insurance

Group plans that help keep costs low. Upper level Kaiser plans that are rather advantageous for the employees- Selling point to keep great employees

Manage everything in one place with a payroll system connected with HR, to better assist with benefits, time-tracking, compliance, and more.

What is employee leasing

  1. Existing employees are signed up as our employees for the purposes of payroll and human resource services. Hiring, termination and supervising decisions are at the client level and we are available to give guidance and provide research for questions regarding payroll and human resource.
  2. We provide employees with an employee manual, all required government pamphlets, and a sign-off sheet which states they have read and understood these materials provided.
  3. We provide all legal forms from sign-up through termination and make sure all of the required identification is in place. We also provide the required California & Federal Employer Poster annually.
  4. If desired, we facilitate background checks for pre-employment decisions.
  5. All garnishment and tax levy forms are sent to us and we fill them out, return them to the agencies and set up the necessary garnishments through payroll deductions sending the necessary notification to the employee ahead of time.
  6. Each client’s rate for workers compensation is included in the amount collected per employee per payroll and we fill out the required payroll reports each month and send them in with a check.
  7. We post all of the payroll information to the client Intacct record, including the invoice (this is for clients who also use our on-line accounting).
  8. We send the invoice to the client prior to the collection of the invoice amount from the client’s account. The collection is done on the payroll pay date and not before.
  9. We are available to employees for payroll and human resource questions and to provide any payroll reports they may need for employment and or salary verification.
  10. We provide the reports requested for client workers compensation audits and work directly with auditors to free up our client from the time required for this process.
  11. All full-time employees are eligible for full medical coverage through our Kaiser Group policy without pre-qualification and they can add family members also without pre-qualification at their own cost.

All full-time employees are eligible for our group life insurance. We provide the same level of services for Payroll & Human Resource Administrative services without Employee Leasing, but the group health and life insurance benefits are not included. Aside from all that we offer through our Human Resource Services department, what separates our company from others in the field is our availability and quick response time to the client needs. Our clients know we take care of their business as if it were our own. This is why our clients stay with us year after year.

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